On February 4, 2007 my son, Paris, murdered my daughter, Ella.Because of this, I know four facts to be true.One…love does conquer all.

Two…I have nothing to hide. What happened to us can happen to anyone.

Three…life is meant to be lived~~boldly.

Four…the only reason I am still alive is to accomplish four goals: share my love and my family’s story with anyone who needs it, offer my time and heart to any victim of violence I meet, shake up the criminal justice system a bit advocating for justice and humane treatment for those who do us harm rather than punishment, and finally, to hold my daughter again after one thru three are accomplished and life sees fit to let me go. Four yours of holding Ella was not enough.

The ELLA Foundation is the child born of my pain. Stay tuned for updates and information concerning the projects and progress of The ELLA Foundation. At this time please have faith, as I do, this child will be…almost…the most amazing I have birthed.

Love is the only weapon we should use to make the world a better place. The ELLA Foundation is my Pentagon.

I chose to create The ELLA Foundation for one reason. Since February 2007 I’ve spent almost every moment I am awake at work on one project or another for some agency or nonprofit. I pour my heart and personal funds into everything I do. I now propose to do so under the auspice of my own nonprofit for one reason, self-evident: The ELLA Foundation has the potential to do more good than one woman alone.

Since May of 2009 I have performed over 1000 hours of service work for the San Antonio Police Department Family Assistance Crisis Team (FACT) and The Bexar County Family Justice Center. I’ve been honored with awards by various local community service organizations and the San Antonio Police Department.

I currently perform the following duties as a SAPD FACT Crisis Interventionist :

• Weekend patrol shifts accompanying an SAPD officer to crime scenes to offer on site support and education to victims of violent crime.

• Attendance at community outreach events to educate the public about family violence, it’s effects, and it’s prevention.

• Volunteer recruitment and training.

• Speaking engagements in which I incorporate my personal experience and professional knowledge of family violence and juvenile crime to educate the public in violence prevention at various community centers and agencies in San Antonio.

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